Amir Shahar Public Relations & Marketing

Amir Shahar PR and marketing is an Israeli public relations firm who provide public relations, Internet PR and value-added marketing services for large, medium and  and small companies in Israel

PR services include Traditionly PR activities such as Write and distribute press releases,  Media Relations with Daily newspapers, professional sectors, local newspapers, electronic media – radio and television etc. In addition, the firm also specializes in providing online public relations.

General public relations goal is to deliver marketing communication messages to audiences. Amir Shahar PR and marketing, try to start a task with each client to learn the customer as much as possible, put well the target audience and marketing communication messages and establish a public relations strategy that matches the client's goals.

The firm tries to meet as many customer requirements and also provide, in accordance with the experience accumulated, the customer's needs, all in full transparency while maintaining personal integrity and professional ethics.

The firm does not charge fees to provide references when needed and makes sure the best recommendations for the client with no hidden interests.

Complementary services for public relations services;

* Public Relations

* Online PR (Faceook, Twitter, blogs etc.)

* Online reputation management

* Search Engines Optimization (SEO)

* Copy writing materials

* Blogs Management


phone: 972-72-2313441

cellular: 972-54-4401487